Czeching Out

It’s hard to believe our time in Prague has come and gone, but now I’m off to explore two new cities! Before I start talking about Munich, Germany, I’ll recap the last few days in Prague.
The weekend prior to finals I explored the Wallenstein Palace, which I was using for one of our architecture projects. Set in Mala Strana, the Palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens and courtyards and is now home to the Czech Senate. The Senate Hall is free to the public on the weekends and is definitely worth checking out when in the Mala Strana area. Especially if you’re interested in art and architecture from the Baroque and Renaissance time periods. 
After finishing classes we were all ready to enjoy the remaining days in Prague. Monday afternoon I went to Vysehrad, a fort dating back to the 10th century set on a hill by the Vltava river. Within the walls you’ll find the St. Peter and Paul Basilica and the cemetery home to many famous Czech individuals, including the artist Mucha. Upon climbing the hill (which was quite a work out), you get one of the best views of Prague. For 10 CZK, about 50 cents, you can go inside the basilica and then come outside to rest in the parks surrounding it.

On our last full day in Prague we went to the “beach”, aka a swimming area located off of the Vltava River. Surprisingly enough we all got a lot sun and had to keep hopping in the water to stay cool. The beach area included restaurants, volleyball courts and much more and was worth spending a blistering day at. The day came to an end at our closing party and by 5:30 am the next day I was off to Munich.  I’ll have to say I’ll miss Prague its rich history and architecture, but there’s much more to see in Munich and London in the upcoming days. That’s all for now!

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  1. The architecture in Prague is beautiful! I just went to the Palace of Versailles, and I was happy to finally see our art history studying coming to life! All those ribbed vaulting! I'm actually going to prague later this week, and I'm really excited to visit! I'm glad you finally got to the beach!

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