Prima Famiglia – "Family First"

Living back at my parents house these past six months have been pleasantly enjoyable. I have moved downstairs into our basement apartment and have my own bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom so it is almost as if I am living in my own apartment that is attached to my house. The one thing I do miss about living on my own would be the most obvious, the privacy, however the ability to see my family at my disclosure is my biggest treasure, it outweighs any downsides. Being at home these six months I have got to witness my nephew’s birth and early stages of growth, an experience incomparable to any other. Watching a child grow is the most blessed experience, knowing that that child shares the same DNA as you creates an inexplainable connection, a connection so strong you can almost feel the energy vibrating in your body when proximal to one another. We are different yet the same!

Spending time with my niece has been my favorite thing to do while I have been home. Sophia is three and a half and is the light of my life. Being able to stop over after getting off work and give my Sophia a hug and a kiss is the best part of my day. I go into withdrawals when I haven’t seen her in a couple days, that sweet little hug is all I need to recharge! We are alike in so many ways. My mom used to babysit her every day before she started going to pre-school (so grown up) so she must have instilled in her the same mannerisms as she did to me. I am young at heart, and she is wise beyond her years. My life completely changed when she came into this world, I am bonded with her in ways unlike any I have ever known. 
I will miss a lot of things when moving back to Philadelphia, all these things being centered around family. 


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  1. Unlike you, living in NYC for co-op has put my farther away from my family. This is a huge thing I am looking forward to when moving back to Philadelphia. Being closer to them will allow me to go home even if it is just for one night. Living in NYC has been tough, it is a 3 hour bus ride and a 20 minute car ride to get home. While this doesn't seem like much, it is a lot of traveling to do after a long work week.

    Being far away from my family while working has made me realize that I do not want to live and work in a city where it will not be easy to see them.

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