I have chosen to keep the name of the company I am working at confidential, as I intend to be completely honest about my internship. The night before my first day was extremely exciting. My favorite part was figuring out what I was going to wear. The Devil Wears Prada ran through my head, I was worried that I wouldn’t meet the dressing standards. However, I decided to wear a black professional outfit with sandals, a triangle necklace and my Stella McCartney bag. I looked great I knew I would knock them dead in this outfit. I was feeling mixed emotions, scared, happy, and eager. My nerves took over and I wasn’t able to fall asleep, I finally got to sleep around 5:00 am. My alarm sounded at 8:00 am and with three hours of sleep I set off for my first day. Navigation is extremely hard in the New York City subway system. I prepared for this by taking a test trip before my first day; I would highly suggest this to anyone preparing for a new job. This was very helpful because on my test trip I got extremely lost, this allowed me to know exactly where I was going on my first real day.

When I entered the building for my first workday I was given an extremely professional scan card that I was eager to begin using. I am not exactly sure what I was expecting my tasks to be, but I surly was not expecting to be organizing all day, which is what I ended up doing. I couldn’t wait for my first day of work to be over! I think that the switch from classes to work is a very drastic change and it seems to be hard to adapt too. As my week progressed I was assigned more creative duties and was able to do what is called a sketch up. Sketch ups involved taking prospective shoe designs and giving them color assignments. Assigning color and hardware to shoes is accomplished by using Prismacolor markers and pencils to fill in blank templates. I enjoyed this much more than organizing. 


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  1. Absolutely love your outfit! Perfect for the first day. I think that is great that you are receiving more creative responsibilities. I am sure you will be doing so many more new things in the weeks to come! xo

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