Working for a big designer is always exciting and there is always the hope that you will get a chance to meet designer him/herself. That is why when going to work each day I always try dressing for impressing. It is hard to strike a balance between my own personal style and representing the company style. Today I choose to wear a Michael Kors dress; along with a Michael Kors bag and JCrew flat sandals.

When interviewing for my company the HR representative informed me that the designer was in the building that day, and often was around the office. The sheer thought of being in the same building as him was exhilarating. I never dreamed that I would ever actually see him in the flesh. Today was my lucky day, I got a clear shot at the back of his head, and what a beautiful head it was. After seeing the man that’s name is pasted all over my office he seemed to loose his charm, and he became a real person. After seeing him in the flesh I realized he is just like any other person. It was a strange and conflicting realization. It made me wonder if I too would one day be idolized like he is and if I would be as successful as he.

I am beginning to realize more and more that hard work is the key to any real success. If you work hard “it” really can happen. “It” being my goals in life, which are still undetermined.



  1. Devon, that sounds amazing! I bet when you applied you didn't think you'd meet him within the first two weeks of working there! It's so great that you are being inspired at work too, to work hard with your goals in mind. Keep it up! Also you look very cute in that outfit.

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