Fall Festivities

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Philadelphia.  I normally work during the week so it has becomes increasingly difficult to enjoy the nice weather.  However, yesterday I decided to take advantage of my day off and spend some quality time outside.  Instead of carving pumpkins and picking apples, I ventured to Glenn Mills to shop and visit terrain, a local garden center that creates an experience for the senses, and I have to say I was totally blown away! 
My favorite room at terrain
terrain, a division of the URBN brand, merges the idea of house and garden to cater to their customer.  Though I am not a typical terrain customer, I was amazed by the plant design and artful attention to detail that surrounded me outside in the garden.  I spent almost 2 hours outside before heading to the retail and personal greenery section of the store, where I bought a handmade, floral calendar.  Every product is organic and sustainable, for both indoor and outdoor spaces.  There was everything from vegan body products, to handmade pottery, to vintage furniture from Thailand.  Seeing all of these rare finds made my trip an unforgettable experience because you can’t find these products anywhere else.  I also had the chance to have lunch in the cafe, which serves only fresh, local foods based on the current season.  I had the Wild Field Green Salad and a green tea.  It was perfection!
If you are ever in the area I definitely recommend going, whether you garden or not.  From school and work, I get stressed easily; but now that I have visited terrain and its relaxing environment, I will make time in my schedule whenever I need to de-stress, get ideas, and shop!

The Cafe


  1. Wow, I have been dying to visit this place! I find it pretty fascinating that every sector of URBN Inc. is so well thought out. I am currently on a break from work while it is pouring outside my window, and your post is making me crave the warm weather and delicious food you experienced. Also, the next time you come to NYC please visit ABC Carpet & Home, they have a similar concept with a cafe area…you will love it! Great post, look forward to hearing how everything is going in Philly.

  2. That sounds like an incredible day! Definitely a great place to go on your day off. I will have to pass this along to my Mom, since she is a potter. Thank you for sharing this experience with us! This will have to be our new spot when we are back in school mode to de-stress. 🙂

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