The Balancing Act

Topsail Beach in North Carolina

Keeping a balance between work and leisure is very important to me. When my work becomes too demanding, I always try and keep the right balance and plan activities to give myself a mini break. Even during school this task can be difficult, but I believe it is important and healthy to have a balanced life. That being said, this past weekend I took a four-day trip to North Carolina with my boyfriend to visit his family. Every time I leave New York I am reminded of how laid back and calm other people are in different locations. Although I like to define myself as a city person, the time away from it all is much needed. Being surrounded by rushed city-goers is a reminder and a challenge to focus on yourself and your own rhythm. It is so easy to get caught up in the hectic vibe of the city. Especially when everyone around you is in a constant rush. Rather than adapting that similar vibe, I think it is important to tune it out at times and go at your own pace.

Now looking at my week ahead, I am delighted to be attending the premiere party for Million Dollar Shoppers tomorrow night. Although I will be working for most of it, it will be a great networking opportunity. Some individuals from Lifetime television will be there, so I am hoping to hear some more information about the show. If anyone watched Million Dollar Shoppers this past week I would love to hear your thoughts!


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