Life is Better Coated in Powdered Sugar

Whether it is going to Starbucks for the morning coffee run or making hundreds of copies for the office, almost every intern will experience the mundane side of the fashion industry.  At Nicole Miller Philadelphia, I am lucky enough to be treated as an integral part of the company; however, when I am assigned these particular tasks I rather enjoy them.  Recently, it has been very hectic in the office, so I am the person who is designated to run errands.  Surprisingly enough, I look forward to this time!  It gives me a chance to leave the office, catch some fresh air, and reflect on my day.  
Last week, I had to walk from The Bellevue (located at 15th and Walnut) to 20th and Pine to pick up a gift for a coworker.  To my surprise, this gift was cupcakes from the Philly cupcakery, Pamcakes!  After entering the shop and smelling the aroma of freshly baked goods, I indulged myself in a pumpkin chip cupcake.  It was delicious and perfect for the fall weather! The amount of chocolate chips to pumpkin ratio was perfect.  Although Pamcackes has only been around for about two years, I am surprised I had never heard of it.  If it weren’t for my daily errands as an intern, I would have never found my new favorite place!  For anyone who likes sweets as much as I do, I highly recommend going! You won’t regret it. 

Since starting my co op, I have found many exciting new places in Philadelphia.  By working for Nicole Miller, I have not only gained better insight into the fashion industry, but I have a better appreciation for my city and the local businesses.  Although I do not run errands all the time, I think it is important to make the best of the situation because you never know the new discoveries you may find.  



  1. Allegra, I couldn't be more jealous. Although I work around the Philadelphia area, I still have to drive to work everyday out in the suburbs. Doing this for the past month has made me realize just how much I miss city life and the freedom to walk outside and be somewhere. I hardly get the opportunity to walk anywhere anymore aside from the occasional walk on Drexel's campus and this usually is during evening hours after I eventually make it home. It must be such a treat to explore Philly daily and even pick up sweets along the way.

  2. Allegra, I think it is great that you are still learning about new places in Philadelphia. It just shows you that there is always something new to explore! I am looking forward to trying Pamcakes when I get back. It looks absolutely delicious!

  3. I love the title of your blog post! When reading the titles of the listed blogs yours instantly jumped out at me and grabbed my attention – brilliant! I am not sure if you have noticed but I hope that you and all the other bloggers have, I write all of my titles in all caps. I do this in the hopes that it will call more attention to my posts. After reading your title I will most definitely put more thought into creating interesting and inviting titles. I also must try this Pamcakes sounds and looks amazing! I feel like the best things that we find in life are always by coincidence. When you are looking for an amazing pizza place you can never find it, but when you are walk home from work instead of take a cap, you find the most amazing pizza you could have ever asked for. That seems to be just how life works – and now you have found your cupcake place!

  4. Although you don't get to walk around the city that often, it is great that you still get the chance to live on campus and see all of the new buildings and shops that have been added to Drexel. Have you seen the new Shake Shack?! I walked by it the other day and was so excited.

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