WKDU’s Tuesday Tune Outs

By: Maeve Walker
As Program Director for Drexel’s student-run radio station, WKDU, a lot of things fall into my lap (and they are not always good).  Fortunately, I was asked by PhilaMOCA (a local gallery and show space) if WKDU was interested in curating their Tuesday Tune Out series for October – and I gladly agreed!
The Tuesday Tune Out series goes like this – each Tuesday of the month, a curator chooses a local band to play a live set.  After the band plays, a secret movie is screened for those who attend the show.  Since WKDUwas chosen to curate October’s lineup, the movies were encouraged to be scary for Halloween.
Somehow it came together beautifully (even though it was very stressful for me). The lineup has been announced and has gotten a lot of buzz from other organizations in the city, such as The Deli and WXPN.  Below are some pictures from the first two events, featuring By Surprise, Sam Cook-Parrott of Radiator Hospital and popular Drexel band, Modern Baseball.
If you are interested in attending a future Tuesday Tune Out this month to support WKDU, here is some more information about the rest of the bands participating in the series!  The following linked post was written by me, and placed on The Key’s blog (part of WXPN).

By Surprise played to a seated audience, which is typically how the Tuesday Tune Outs are done.
Sam Cook-Parrott played solo to a packed house!


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