A Moment to Remember

As I wake up to this beautiful Fall morning to the sound of my alarm, I look at my phone and notice the date, a date permanently inscribed in my memory. Today is my birthday. A corresponding thought immediately enters my mind, “How does it feel?” as if a spell was cast and I became a different person overnight. It’s amazing how a birthday feels like New Year’s Day filled with hopes and resolutions for the upcoming year ahead. As I get older, I realize more each year that birthdays are just like any other day. Yes, it is a celebratory one, but as I continue to grow and flourish into womanhood I see the value in moments, not days. A day seems much larger than a moment, larger things are often deemed more important, but in retrospect when thinking of our fondest most memorable times, we are often led back to moments, short glimpses of time, flashes of memory stills stored in the files of our brain for years to come. It is these moments, these short passages of time, that we hold dearest to our hearts. Days often become mixed in with one another, blurred together, but moments stand apart. Weeks, months, even years fly by, but it is moments that stand still in our memory.

Moments, like feelings, are what we remember most. Because when you think about it, what is the value of a moment? What does it produce? A moment takes us back to a memory, and a memory ignites a feeling. Moments, like feelings, are involuntary, just as you cannot control a feeling, you cannot control when the next memorable moment will occur. It is unpredictable, unlike a day; controlled, expected, planned. So, I plan to live my life for these moments, though they are temporary, they stay with you, they leave an impression. And I challenge you to too. As I move forward into the next year of my life, I want to hold close to this moment, this piece in time. I want to remember, and I recommend anyone reading this to as well, that everything is temporary. The positioning of my worldview is fleeting, evolving, growing and developing as my eyes become widened with experience, and as I soak up this moment, I challenge you to live your life with the knowledge that like a moment, everything is temporary. If you are going through something rough, hold on to the hope that lies in the knowledge that it is temporary, it WILL change. And if you are going through something great, cling to the happiness you are experiencing, acknowledge how lucky you are, and be thankful.

Today, I will enjoy the little things that mean a lot, like the warmth of my morning coffee or the sweetness of some baked treats. And I can only hope for another year filled with love, light and positivity. (+)



  1. Adria, I just wanted to start off by saying how much I enjoy reading your posts. They are filled with insight which always trigger deep thought for me while I read. I think it is always great to reflect about your life and blessings, especially on your birthday. I hope it was a wonderful day for you! xo

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