Out and About

     Wednesday I was sent on what most people would consider a boring, mundane intern task.  I on the other hand was excited to finally have the opportunity to explore Bensalem on a mission to find two plastic, purple tablecloths.  I had never been anywhere in Bensalem aside from my office so I Google Mapped the nearest Shop Rite and was on my way.  I had to take the high way to get there which was the least bit scenic but the most direct route.  Finally at Shop Rite and of course, no purple, plastic table cloths.  My next option was the Dollar General next door, which low and behold had every party supply anyone could ever want.  With my mission complete and an overwhelming feeling of success I decided that I deserved a pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

     On my ride home I decided to take Street Road, the main road in Bensalem.  This road reminded me a lot of the overly commercial street that runs near my home town.  There were tons of gas stations, Wawas, coffee shops, anything one could imagine; now this is what I was looking for.  I scoped out all the restaurants and fast food places scheduling my lunches for the next two weeks.  Although this was only a shot trip, I really enjoyed gettin
g to know the area a little better and giving my eyes a rest from my computer screen!

One comment

  1. If you are ever confused in the area I'm from Bucks County (right around Bensalem) so never hesitate to ask! I actually am obsessed with anything pumpkin so you'll also have to let me know how that muffin was!

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