Something New and Exciting

This week at my internship I get to try something new. I actually am fortunate enough to get to go on market appointments for my bosses. In case you are not familiar with what this means I will explain a little more what I will be doing and what kind of responsibility I will be taking on. Essentially editors choose lots of garments and accessories that are considered to be put into the magazines. The creative director, fashion and accessories directors further edit these pieces down to the finalized looks you see in print. One of the ways that they choose these garments is by going to the designer’s offices and getting a little show put on for them. The designers will try to show the editors the current collection in hopes that they will choose the product to be a part of the magazine and propel the popularity of both the item and the brand.  I have been lucky enough to be asked to step in on these appointments for my supervisors.  On these appointments I am fortunate enough to attend I see all of the collections of the designers and take photos of everything to bring back to the editors (who are my direct bosses). They ask me if I saw anything that pertains to the stories we are currently working on, and I then inform them what I thought.

This is a photo I took at Alice and Olivas Press Preview this week
Another one of me at a designers preview named Colette Malouf. She did my hair in the braid! How cute!!

I feel really great to get to be trusted with these kinds of tasks. It seems to show that the editors trust me to do a good job and that I would share and information of pieces that would work for our current stories. A task, which I am excited to get to try to do!
Enjoy your week!



  1. Michelle, what an awesome experience! I was involved in some market appointments this summer at Lafayette 148 and they were some of the best learning experiences I have had!

    P.S. Those blush colored bags are amazing, I want one!! 🙂

  2. I have to agree with you Ana, the blush bags are quite beautiful, I would love to have one of those on my arm! Alice & Olivia is a brand that I am constantly intrigued about, they're visual merchandising is always crafty and entertaining. Sounds like you had a great time/experience!

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