The more time that I spend in New York the more I realize that a big part of the social life here is food. With money being slim it is hard to go out every night and spend money on unnecessary food. This seems to be tarnishing my relationship with this city. I have been searching for a place that involves the social aspect of the city along with the broke aspect of a college student. Today was my lucky day! Ironically enough I was unaware that the restaurant I live above, Tome Sushi, possesses all of these qualities. 

My roommates and I have always been curious about this restaurant, as it quite often has a line stretching down the block. We are forced to notice this everlasting line because it just so happens that it prohibits us from entering our building. Everyday like clockwork, “excuse me I live here, and no I am not trying to cut in line.” However, it wasn’t until today that we decide it was time to conform to the line and try this Tome Sushi.

All day at work I was so excited to come home! I was salivating at the thought of delectable sushi. My roommates and I considered calling to make reservations – however, we decided that standing and waiting in line was part of the experience. To our disappointment it started raining and the line waiting process was taken from us. We were able to go right in and sit down, don’t get me wrong, I did not want to stand in the rain! I just felt as though I were being robbed of a small part of the Tome Sushi experience. Once we sat down and were preparing to look at the menu we noticed small signs dispersed throughout the restaurant saying, “CASH ONLY.” This was an unpleasant thing to read seeing as all three of us only had plastic. I decided to be the hero and run to the local bank and take money out – and the rest is history. I had the best sushi of my life. While leaving I told my friends that if ever they could not find me, they better check Tome Sushi. 



  1. Dev, I know you have always been super picky about sushi so I am overjoyed to hear that you found a place you really like! I love reading your posts because now whenever I go home I have a small travel guide of places to go and check out; you know how much I love sushi! Most days I make sure to plan something like dinner or shopping with a friend after work as well, it makes my day seem less monotnous; I love having something to look forward too after a long day of hard work! I can't wait to hear about some more places that you will explore in the upcoming months.

  2. My favorite thing about New York is getting to enjoy new things all the time! So happy that even though it was clearly trying you enjoyed your new find! Have fun!

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