I Miss New York

  Byant Park on my way to a market appointment

Sure, you could argue that I’m still there the majority of the workweek, but it is just not that same as living there. I really miss everything about it. I miss the restaurants I frequented, seeing my friends from NYC all the time, I miss the neighborhood I lived in, I miss my apartment. It almost feels like a tease getting to be there for the workday and having to leave right after. If I don’t leave directly after my work day and I stay for dinner I wont get home till about Midnight, which just can’t happen with classes.

But at the same time I love being on campus and getting to see all my friends that I have been away from over CO-OP. It is so great catching up with people and getting to rekindle friendships. It really just feels like walking back onto an on slew of dear old friends that I truly can’t wait to catch up with. Drexels Campus has begun to feel like one of my homes.  In reality I know in 7 months when I hopefully make my move to NYC I will miss college, my friends and my former life. It is honestly one of the oddest emotions I have ever experienced, being totally pulled in two directions. But I guess I truly can’t have the best of both worlds… well maybe if someone invented a teleportation device.

The view from my old apartment in NYC

                                                                                Have a good week


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