As any college student struggling to save money does we take the cheapest forms of transportation, including the good old Mega bus. Thursday night after work I rushed to the Mega bus stop. With three luggage bags in hand I felt as though I was sprinting in a Tough Mudder. I made my bus luckily enough and was prepared for a two and a half hour bus ride back to Philadelphia. The reason for my return was Halloween weekend. Drexel, notorious for big costume parties, was my destination. I arrived in one piece and was ready to have a fun-filled weekend.
To my surprise there were many new and unfamiliar faces on campus – the thought hadn’t crossed my mind that there would be new freshmen this year. As if that weren’t strange enough when going out for the first time in a few months on Drexel’s campus I felt out of place. It was alarming to me how much had changed in only a few months. I felt as though I went on co-op and the freshmen swooped in and took my place.

Being a freshman had its benefits and also its downfalls, the major downfall is that everyone knew that you were a freshmen and everyone always asked you if you were one. If I wasn’t already feeling extremely out of place I most definitely did when at the Halloween party a guy asked me and my friend if were we’re indeed freshmen. I was horribly embarrassed. I feel as though Drexel isn’t my home anymore and that I am not as accepted as I used to be. However, my boyfriend and I decided to dress up like the Juno characters, everyone loved it and some people even thought that I was actually pregnant – costume successful! 


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  1. Devon, when you said you felt like Drexel wasn't your home anymore, I can definitely relate to that feeling. These past two years we have been going through so many transitions to new places and new homes (or trying to make these new places feel like our homes). I am sure it took you a while to feel comfortable in New York. After some time though you become more content in these new environments. Once we are back at Drexel it will definitely be an adjustment, but in no time it will feel like you are home again! At least we all get to go through that feeling of transition at the same time too- it makes it a little easier. 🙂 Also I loved your halloween custom! Such a creative way to dress up without spending too much money.

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