What Goes Around Comes Around

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending What Goes Around Comes Around’s 20thAnniversary party. Located just minutes from my job in Soho, I was able to enjoy a nice walk on my way there giving me the chance to clear my head from the stresses of the workday. I was not expecting what would soon await me as I arrived. Strategically placed outside of the stores steps were seven or eight models, showcasing WGACA’s ultimate looks. The models posed before cameras and did a fantastic job of making me want every single look they wore. I was definitely a huge fan of the styling. Paul Sevigny spun alongside the models as the crowd stood outside gazing at the beautiful pieces. People’s Revolution was responsible for coordinating the event and I think that they did a fantastic job. The event attracted attention, which was definitely Peoples Revolution’s goal. The whole set up gave invitee’s the opportunity to instagram and tweet the models looks, bringing about further media attention. I think the concept was well played out and successful. It was ironic to think that just the previous night I had been watching Kelly Cutrone judge on America’s Next Top Model, and now I was standing alongside her at an event. She has always been someone I admire within the fashion industry. Not only for her honest yet likeable personality but also for her successes. I think she is full of wisdom and a great role model for those who are aspiring to break into the fashion industry. If you haven’t read her book If You Have to Cry Go Outside, I highly recommend it.

As I made my way inside the store to find my boss, I began to admire all of the beautiful vintage clothing. For those of you who are unaware, What Goes Around Comes Around is a very well known high-end vintage clothing store located in New York and Los Angeles. It is definitely a store I can only hope to someday afford to shop in, but for now I will be making $400 vintage Chanel purchases in my dreams. Aside from the temptation of being surrounded by these lovely vintage finds, it was still thrilling to be a part of the celebration of WGACA’s success. The environment inside the event was very intimate and inviting. Notable fashion bloggers such as Bryan Boy and Danielle Bernstein were among the crowd. I felt honored to be a part of the guest list and to be standing among individuals I admire. Overall it was an incredibly inspiring night. I have realized through this experience how small the fashion industry is. At first the industry can seem somewhat daunting and intimidating, but I have realized just the opposite. This night also served as a reminder to remain professional at all times. In fact, at any point you may meet someone who could have a stake in your career path and future in general.


  1. Jaclyn, that sounds amazing! I am so jealous you got to attend on of People's Revoltuion's events. Like you I love Kelly and follow her words of wisdom. It sounds like a great event they put on and sounds like you had so much fun! I can't wait to hear about more events you attend this year.

  2. I have an actual OBSESSION with WGACA. Every time I have ever seen an editorial pull from there its been the most amazing pieces. The amount of classic Channel they have is off the charts. They are certainly amazing at what they do. Hope you enjoyed the event it sounds like it was wonderful for both networking and just a good time!

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