3200 Chestnut

Working at Nicole Miller for about two months, I have almost forgotten the feeling of going to school.  Morning coffee runs at Domus’ Starbucks, late nights spent in the Urban Center, and running into friendly faces have recently become a distant blur.  Fortunately, so had the construction that had been encompassing Drexel’s campus.
Last weekend I decided to take a spontaneous visit to 32nd and Chestnut.  To my surprise, the scaffoldings and rubble had been transformed into a new gateway, featuring student housing and retail destinations.  Living at home for my co-op, I have not had the chance to visit campus, therefore, I was truly shocked and excited to see the progress!  Shake Shack, Joe’s Coffee, Plaza Artist Materials, and Yogorino were the few stores opened for business.  I had my first Shake Shack experience and it was absolutely delicious.  Although I did not have the opportunity to go inside, I am sure that most of my coffee cravings, nights cramming for exams, or evenings spent tracing flats will gladly be at Joe’s coffee instead of Drexel’s library.
Although I am enjoying my time on co-op, Drexel’s expansion is incredible and I am excited to go back to school come April. If you are doing your co-op in New York or are living off campus, I would make an effort to go and see the transformation.  It is amazing. Lastly, remember to treat yourself to a burger and some fries from Shake Shack! 



  1. Allegra, I am living at school and I still only saw the new construction on Chestnut Street in its entirety the other day! It's pretty amazing, our campus is changing so much that by the time we graduate its going to be hardly recognizable. The incoming freshman are going to have all of these great things to do and places to eat, not to mention an art supply store on campus (not fair)! I've also never been to Shake Shack so looks like im going to have to try it out.

  2. Wow, this is great news!! I am so excited to see how everything turns out, it is crazy to think so much can change in a couple of months. Isn't it funny that the upperclassmen would always tell us how lucky we were once URBN opened up? Now we can say the same, I guess this is never ending cycle of improvements!

  3. I have also not been back to Drexel very often and once I finally went back I found out that they are putting an art supplies store! Like Diana mentioned very unfair! I remember our freshman runs to Utrecht on 20th man we had it hard! These freshmen are going to have it easy and they wont even know it!

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