And the nights grow longer…

“A book can teach you, a conversation can assure you, a poem can seduce you, a genius can inspire you, but only you can save your self.” Anthony Anaxgoro 
Lately I have been finding my self waking in the mornings and repeating this phrase in my head like a mantra.  I have learned over the course of this term that you can read whatever you wish, ask help as needed, but in reality of the matter you are the only one who can help your self.
This week I had to stay up to complete schoolwork until 5 am one night, after completing a full day of work in the city. I realized while I was doing this no one could help me but my self. I had to work hard to get my work done regardless of how I felt.  In reality I am the only person who is able to push my self far enough to get my many responsibilities done. Of course friends and family are there to help us in times of need. But if we do not find the drive for our selves than no one will be able to help us. 
I have related this idea into my professional life. It is my belief that I really can in a sense “save my self”. I can be strong. Stick to what I believe in and work hard as possible to achieve the levels of my professional life that I wish to obtain. So yes the nights are getting longer. However my drive and will power are getting stronger. 

I continue to learn more and more about my self through this internship, which I think is really amazing. I learn how to manage my time, and how to balance work with fun. I learn how to tell my self no you can’t do everything. As well as others no I don’t have time. I know some people think its right for us to not get paid for internships. Which I obviously agree with but I believe that I really am being paid through experience, both life and work. I would prefer to also get money along with it… But I’ll take the learning experience as well! 
            Hope you are all having a great week!

One comment

  1. Michelle, you definiely have the right attitude to make it in this industry. I especially love that you have found words of wisdom to get you through the hard times when you are feeling completely exhausted from work. I also have to agree with you on the lack of pay as an intern. I think the opportunity alone is incredible- and we should feel honored to be a part of it but some sort of compensation is always nice. I wish you the best of luck! xxo

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