Cooperation Is Key

Though I am working away from work in my newly acquainted office that is my bedroom, I am still connected with my coworkers, maybe even more so than when we were physically proximal. We communicate on a daily basis and have a Departmental phone call at least once a week to talk about the upcoming week’s projects and deadlines. I love the girls that I work with, and I could not ask for better people to be my coworkers. We all have different aspects that we excel in, and we balance each other out like yin and yang. 

It is nice because our relationship is perfectly complementary both personally and professionally. We can bond like teenage girls over lipstick and chocolate, but when it gets down to the wire, we all take our job extremely seriously and are determined to be better at what we do than the day prior. Instead of group projects where you are thrown into the mix with the hope that everyone will pull their weight, it is an extremely pleasant experience at my workplace. I remember when I was visiting Drexel that one of the professors said that Design and Merchandising students are more cooperative than competitive, and that is what stood out to me most when declaring my major. I am not a big competitor, I would rather succeed with a group than on my own, and I am a firm believer in that 99% of the time working with other people can get farther than you could ever get on your own. I am lucky to say that my Department at work is extremely cooperative. We are equals no matter who is higher on the corporate ladder, our voices are all heard and not one is louder. It is a delightful experience to say that at 21 I am appreciated at my job and equally appreciative of my job! 

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