With the return of the Thanksgiving season comes the return of things I have been looking forward to for quite some time; home cooked meals, family bonding, shopping sprees, and for once in my life, cable TV. My roommate and I have the cheapest bundle at our apartment that we thought covered basic cable channels however we miss out on a lot of our favorites. This has allotted us to keep up with all things Kardashian (that I could do without!), as E! is one of the main channels we get. Coming home and being able to surf through the thousands of channels while staying weary of those that are rooted in pop culture has been quite the treat. I must say I feel kind of spoiled!

This visit home has allowed me to spend time with all of my families, my immediate, my extended, and my work family. I got to spend some time with my coworkers over lunch and it was so great seeing them in person, actually being able to see them speak and look into their eyes. Because it’s so easy to reach people now through devices, we oftentimes forget how nice it is to actively participate in a conversation that involves our whole presence, being connected through lines of communication versus lines of signal. This time around, I got to meet Jenn, the newest member to the Entertainment Department who is our Social Media Coordinator. I have been talking to her for weeks prior to meeting her, so it felt like we were already good friends upon first seeing each other in person! It was a great time, the four of us all get along so well, and I thoroughly look forward to spending more time with them over my winter break! I must admit, I do love my job, and getting along so well with my coworkers has a great deal to do with it. 

The annual wild turkey sighting in our yard. Though they are part of the neighborhood, 
it is always funny (and quite ironic) seeing them on Thanksgiving day!


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