Pinned and Forgotten: My Fall DIY Adventures

Crafty and ambitious, I enjoy the idea of taking on new projects. When I am on Pinterest, I get carried away. I pin fifteen things a week that I will probably never look at again or realize that I can never make. But the past couple months, the DIY bug has bit me. I have set forth and put those pinned links and tutorials to work!

The Transferred Photograph:
My significant other has no photographs of his family or, well, anyone in his room. I dreamed up a thought that I would print him photos and frame them. This never happened so instead I went on Pinterest. Hidden in over 200 pins on my DIY board, I found the “How to Transfer Picture to Canvas” tutorial. I decided that I would make my guy a transferred photograph of us without spending any money! Instead of canvas, I used a beveled wood block that I had in my house and printed a nice picture of the two of us in black and white. I followed the directions exactly and used Mod Podge. This turned out nicely except I used a blow dryer a few times to speed up the process and I became frustrated with the excess paper. Ultimately, I painted around it to make it look complete and even added a corny line from a song we like.

The Flatware Hangers:
This one makes me chuckle! As part of my D&M Shop independent study, I was required to make product for the shop. I was recruited to figure out how to make those innovative coat racks using spoons as hooks. I see those pins on Pinterest all the time! Well, let me tell you, it is very difficult. It required me to go to Home Depot, buy a 2 x 4 x 6 and screws, then flatten the spoons and drill a hole and bend the handle. Psshh, so easy, right? No. In order to flatten the spoons, you need a mallet. Then you need drill bits that can go through metal. And finally you need really concentrated strength (which means gently but firmly, and very painfully, bending the spoons without snapping them) or a blowtorch to help bend the spoon. But needless to say, I did it and they came out awesome!

The Laser Cut Magnets:
This one does not have a pin, but it is a great way to take advantage of our Hybrid Making Lab right in URBN! I needed to make magnets for the D&M Shop and I wanted to test out the laser cutter. With just a ¼” thick Lucite and some sheet magnet, I created adorable furry friend magnets. I used vector images on Illustrator and followed the provisions set by the Hybrid Making Lab. When I was in the lab, the laser cutter was quite simple to use and voila! I made magnets! If you decide to take advantage of the lab, you need to take a quick rules course and then it costs $2 per 10-minute increment. It is definitely worth it and they make great gifts!

The Scrabble Coasters:
Another D&M Shop project, I went ahead and came up with four letter words and sayings that fit onto a 16-tile square. This was more difficult than it seems, but Pinterest helped a lot! I assumed that Scrabble tiles were all uniformly one-inch each, and so I cut out corkboard—for the coaster base—to 4” x 4”. They are incredibly uneven so I had to improvise and glue the tiles on with Gorilla Glue and position them carefully so they would not be too crooked. They came out great! I learned a lot about Scrabble tiles and made four fun sets of coasters!
The Paper Garland:
Holiday pins are the craze right now! As a D&M Shop student, I had the task of decorating the shop creatively. We came up with the idea of making the Anthropolige-inspired scroll garland. This turned out to be very frustrating! I followed the tutorial and cut one and half inch strips and started looping and stapling the paper together. I ended up getting too carried away with the whole looping and stapling part and made them huge. Also, my stapler croaked! Nevertheless, I prevailed and made my own version of the paper garland! I will not say they are perfect, but they look pretty neat hanging in URBN.
My warning to you: Read the tutorials fully then decided if you actually want to try the DIY project! Overall, I think the results were fantastic, and I now know that I can actually make those crafts that I had pinned months ago! Be brave and maybe you will find a new hobby! If you want more ideas you can follow me on Pinterest: Victoria Sibalich @wndrwomn. 


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