Happiest Time of the Year

     As much as I dislike the winter time, Christmas makes December a thousand times more enjoyable.  Everyone is in a giving, festive mood and Christmas lights illuminate the dreary, long winter nights.  Not to mention the days we get off are definitely something to look forward too.  Although we are lucky that we haven’t had many super cold, terrible days yet.  It is even more comforting to know that is it roughly five degrees warmer here in Philly then by my house near New York City.

     This also happens to be the time of the year where I am incredibly thankful for a paid coop.  All I have been doing is shopping, shopping, and more shopping.  I happen to really enjoy giving people gifts.  I love having that satisfaction you get when you know you have found something absolutely perfect.  Needless to say, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have not been my friend this year.  

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