More To Learn

A #MondayMotivation graphic I created for the band’s
social media based off Rolling Stones lyrics
As the first semester of my senior year of college comes to a close, the idea that I am just two short semesters away from graduation becomes increasingly more real. Knowing that the large chapter of my life dedicated to schooling (the only thing I remember!) is almost over with is exciting and very scary at the same time. Knowing that there is no more schooling ahead of me is weird to think about, this moment felt so far ahead of me and now it is just a few months away. It is an immense feeling, the unknown scares me but at the same time entices me from afar. 

As Winter break is even closer ahead of me (a grasp away!), I think about how excited I am for the conclusion of this semester. While on break I will still be working however I look forward to being able to dedicate my full attention to my job without school work on the back of my mind. As ideas on how to maximize and extend the branding of Colour of London are explored even further, each week I am constantly creating additional new graphics than the week prior. We have decided that no matter what we post on social media, whether related to the band, a holiday, or even a trend going around the Internet (#MorningInspiration, #WomanCrushWednesday, etc.) we will create and design our own graphic rather than reposting someone else’s. This way we can claim the rights to the graphic and brand it with the COL logo on the bottom. This gives me more work to do however it helps the bands credibility and allows me to explore and sustain my creative juices always having to come up with a new spin on a weekly post. I look forward to increasing my education about graphic design and learning the ins and outs of Adobe software, as there is ALWAYS more to learn!


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