Feeling sad is an odd emotion, and I don’t much care for it – not that many people do. Today, unlike most other days at work I couldn’t help but feel sad. There were several factors that played into this, one of them being that a co-worker is leaving. Due to the unique schedule of Drexel my co-op stretches longer than that of students from other schools, which I’m sure most Drexel students experience. I feel like I am buzzing along on a straight line and everyone else surrounding me has turns along their path. It forces me to wonder if staying at one location for co-op is really positive, or if spreading myself would have been more successful.

The other contributor to my sadness was that there seemed to be an elephant in the room. I never did quite understand that idiom. To my knowledge it means that there is something obvious that is being withheld or is going unmentioned. This elephant in the room seemed to be the upcoming Christmas party that was to be held tonight. One of the other interns and I discussed how we had both not been invited, this made me feel better because I knew that I wasn’t the only one that didn’t make the cut. However, it seemed that there was some mystery to whether or not the intern that was ending her co-op was going. Everyone around the office seemed to be highly interested in there own projects today, very much out of character.

I do not think that it is fair to allow one intern to do one thing and have the rest of the interns do another. I just feel left out, I know that it is a childish way to feel but I cannot help it. It just feels like I have a long four months ahead of me…

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