Last term I was able to take an elective course with Anne called eFashion Promotion. This class covered everything from social media, digital footprints, to podcasts. The week we learned about video and voice podcasts we then had to go online and find a few for ourselves to either watch or listen to. I have never really been into podcasts mostly because of lack of time and I would find it hard to just listen to something in the background so I decided to look into video podcasts. I looked around online and was pretty unsatisfied with the choices. Finally, I decided to check out iTunes.

            I always knew that there was an entire section devoted to podcasts on iTunes, but never really looked into it. I went into the podcast section and typed into the search “fashion” just to see what popped up first. To my surprise there were all different Internet TV stations that came up with short 4-10 minute video podcasts. After browsing through a few I came upon a station called MOD TV, which is a fashion show video podcast station. The video clips were all about different designer fashion shows and were free to watch. The videos showed backstage preparation, makeup, clothes, and clips from the show itself. The film director was also able to talk to people who attended the show including famous actors and actresses, models, beauty experts, and other designers. In addition in a few of the videos there was a short clip speaking to the designer of the collection.
                        One of my favorite video blogs was from Paris fashion week. The Chanel Spring 2014 show during which Karl Lagerfeld brought a scaled down globe of the world to the stage and had models walking around it. During his interview he explained how Chanel began in 1913 and was now over a hundred years old with stores all over the world. Another one of my favorite shows was from New York Fashion Week, the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2013 show, which focused on behind the scenes makeup and hair styling for the show. I really enjoyed seeing parts of the fashion show intertwined with commentary from people who saw or participated in the show. The excitement of the shows really came through in the video podcasts and once I watched one of the podcasts I just continued to view more. 


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