What If?

Student Work Examples

As a graduating senior, I have been busy trying to figure out what I want to do after I graduate.  Do I want to work in New York? Do I want to pursue a career in merchandising? The answer is yes. However, I often wondered about what if I did not attend Drexel University? I have always been a people person so when I was younger I was interested in becoming a Special Education teacher. Obviously, I chose to attend Drexel University and I do not regret that decision one bit. However, I have always felt something missing because I wanted to work with children who have special needs.

Last year I made a decision to declare a concentration in Retail Buying and Merchandising. All the required courses pertaining to the concentration were interesting to me and I wanted to gain knowledge of the Retail industry. There was a slight problem because one of the classes required would not be offered until after I graduate. Most people would be worried or concerned but that was when an opportunity was discovered. I would be taking an Independent Study to teach Visual Arts to middle school students attending a public school in West Philly. On Tuesday, I commuted to the school and met the students, who were all enthusiastic and eager to create a project for Martin Luther King, Jr. day. I had prepared a variety of teaching materials and activities prior. For the first half of the class I spoke to them about how color, size, texture, and lighting were vital to design and asked them for their thoughts and ideas for the upcoming project. They were eager to begin the project. The class decided that the location of the installation would be constructed in the hallway on the third floor. Students are required to cut out colored circles and draw or write about their long-term and short-term dreams. For the next class, they would be required to make paper pompoms. In the end, the goal is to create two peace sign with the paper pompoms and their colored circles.

I never asked to work with children but the opportunity was handed to me. The purpose of teaching Visual Arts to the students is not only allowing them to design and develop installations in the school but also create a welcoming and fun atmosphere for them. I do not need to worry and ponder about past decisions anymore because I have this amazing opportunity to work with children.

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