Dress to Impress?

My first day of work at BCBGMAXAZRIA, four long and overwhelming months ago, almost feels like a distant blur. I remember opening my all black closet, yes, as an intern I have to wear all black, and wondering what was I going to wear for my first day? How was I going to sparkle in black? I decided to start with business casual, a simple black dress with a structured black peplum blazer. I felt confident and professional with a touch of personal style. Walking into the showroom, however, I immediately knew I was overdressed. In PR we work long hours and when they say you work a 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. job, they’re lying, which is why everyone else in the office was in colored jeans and fashionable over-sized sweaters. So much for “dress to impress”.

When I arrived at BCBGMAXAZRIA’s NYC showroom my biggest fear was that my bosses and the other interns would be stuck up and not willing to teach me anything. I learned that the other six PR interns had already been working for about three weeks and being that fashion week had just ended the office was crazy and they didn’t have much time to show me the ropes. I soon figured everything out myself and learned that as a PR intern my main task is to check samples in and out by creating write-ups, which consisted of photographing the samples, logging it, and the best part, ripping up the printed pictures when the samples were all returned. Once all the fashion week craziness settled down, I finally got to know and bond with the other interns, usually while searching for missing write-ups, and I soon realized interning with these girls was going to be so much more fun than I thought… 

One comment

  1. Niki, I can definitely relate! When I came into work my first day I was quite surprised with how casual the dress code is. I think being overdressed for your first day is a lot better than being underdressed though, so good call! I am happy to hear you are all adjusted at BCBG and I am so excited to hear more about it. xx

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