NYC Fashion Week Prep

Going through the Co-op selection I heard many mixed reviews on working with a Kellwood company. Due to this, I was hesitant on accepting a position with the Public Relations department at Rebecca Taylor, but as my mom always says “there was a reason you liked it and everything will work out.” My first few months on the job I worked with samples, checking them in and out, making sure they were organized, hearing about “The Show” and anxiously waiting its arrival.  When it was finally time to start working on the show days got a little more crazy, there was always errands to be ran and prep work for the big day to be done.
I started coming into work on the weekends while projects had to be complete. At first I was bummed that I was missing events back home like Made in America, or an annual lobster bake on the Cape, but the experiences I was given I would never want to miss. Rebecca and Kate would be in one part of the showroom working on styling the collection while the other side of the showroom was working on model casting and fitting. I would not understand how much time went into a 6 minute show had I not been present during the weekends.
The day of the show started bright and early at 7 am. We did last minute prep and anxiously waited for the moving company to come pick up the pieces and bring them to the venue. Traveling with the garments in the front of a box truck, we quickly arrived at 22ndstreet. We then prepped for the models, set up the runway seats with programs and waited for models to start arriving. During this time I may have lived my inner model and did a walk through for music timing.
When it was time for the doors to open, I went to the entrance and helped my boss bring in celebrities, verify that bloggers were photographed, and every seat was filled. At this point I was at an all time high- I met bloggers and editors I had been following and working with during my last six months. Once 1:00 hit we quickly ran upstairs just in time for the show. At this point 6 minutes felt like seconds and I could not believe it was over.
This experience is one that I will never forget. The opportunities presented were incredible and gave me the most hands on experience I could ask for.


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