The Baby Bumps that Keep Hollywood Buzzing

Drew Barrymore-The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards 2014
After an exciting Sunday of celebrities, awards, and red carpet fashion at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards, something that stood out to me were the ever-so-glowing, soon-to-be ‘Baby Mamas’ of the night. There is always a debate whether to hide or extenuate the bump during award season, to my surprise, every expecting mother came out bumps blazing! From the brightly colored floral appliqué gown worn by Drew Barrymore, to the elegantly sophisticated gown and overlay worn by Kerry Washington, even with the need to make room for two, each star was able to show off their bump without compromising their fabulous personal style. 
Drew Barrymore, one of the presenters for the night, made quite the impression on the red carpet, looking bright as ever. Full of pink and lavender floral appliqués, the beauty of the flowers, emulated the beauty of her pregnant figure. The happiness on Drew’s face, knowing how pleased she was with the gown, and not to mention, her comfort and ease walking and mingling on the carpet, brought me so much joy watching from my couch at home. Seen on the Spring 2014 runway, this Monique Lhuillier gown was nothing short of a jaw dropper. Although a rather shocking print and silhouette, especially for a woman half way through a pregnancy, I would never expect anything less from the radiant, flower child herself. Drew owned this look from head to toe!
Olivia Wilde-The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards 2014
Another (pregnant) presenter who graced us with her presence on the carpet and on stage, Olivia Wilde, rocked a sequined, emerald, Gucci gown to this year’s Globes. Having viewed the backside of Wilde’s gown first, I did not know she was carrying a child until she turned around to reveal the bump. Known for her smoldering hot physique, and insanely captivating sex appeal, Olivia’s look was the epitome of a “Hot Mama”. Her coy, confidant half-smile, opposite of the always-grinning Drew Barrymore, was a humbling sight to see. She made her pregnant look, sexy and intriguing, inspiring all pregnant mothers to not have to cover up when you start to feel the bump. Accentuating the natural pregnant curve with a tight, form-fitting dress is an electrifying moment for a soon-to-be mother. If you got it, flaunt it!
Kerry Washington-The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards 2014
The last of the best bumps of the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards is the Best Actress in a Drama Series Nominee, Kerry Washington. Recently married last June, and finishing the first half of her third season of the hit drama series, ‘Scandal’ on ABC, Washington has had a couple momentous occasions to celebrate, and continues to into the new year with the revelation of her pregnancy at last night’s award show. Looking radiant as ever, Washington wore a light sea foam green, Balenciaga gown with a sleeveless overlay cape that accentuated the curve of the newly revealed bump. Pairing the outfit with Fred Leighton jewelry, a 1920s diamond brooch and Casadei shoes, she was hands down, my favorite look of the night. It was effortlessly chic, and eye-catching. The way in which other celebrities pointed her out in the crowd, giving her the utmost of congratulations, with hugs and kisses, you can tell how great of a woman she is, on and off the screen. She was the epitome of a radiantly beautiful pregnant woman, and stole the show in its entirety. 


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