Gettin’ Crafty

3/4ths of my awesome team!

For the past few months I have been working as a Display/Merchandising intern at the Free People showroom. The showroom, located in NYC, handles all wholesale aspects of the company, meaning our focus is mostly dedicated on trade shows, specialty stores, and department stores. As the display and merchandising intern this means I do a large variety of projects related to these different segments. My team is relatively small, consisting of four people ( 2 merch. and 2 display).  I work closely with Mallory (center) developing and assembling display. In the background of the picture you can actually see the project I was working on at the time, a three wall Buti print string art display for the entrance to the showroom. In December we took on a 2nd floor in the building so I spent a lot of the month doing displays on both floors and getting everything in its place.  Since my job involves a lot of “arts n crafts” I find myself often running out for supplies. I have grown surprisingly comfortable in stores like Home Depot, Mood Fabrics, and various trim and plant stores.

Swatch: the mascot of Mood

Everyday brings on a new project which is something I love about my job. One day I’m doing visuals at Bloomies 59th and the next day I’m sewing tapestries on a japanese sewing machine for an intimates display. Its so exciting never knowing what I’ll get to do next. All in all, I love my job and will relish these last few months working there. Here are some other projects I’ve done. *There are much better photos on the Freepeopleshowroom instagram account*
Until next time!  -Erin

A string art display I made for Bloomies KOP

In-process of making the Coterie booth display
Playing with glitter for the dress display in the showroom.



  1. Sounds like such a fun job! Reminds me a lot of our Space class. LOVE the Coterie booth display, those painted gold leaves are beautiful and even more amazing when arranged in that design. They looked like jewels before I enlarged the image. I would love to make something like that for my bedroom wall, inspiring!

  2. Those displays look great! Free People is a brand with such a distinctive visual identity, I can imagine working in that department would be tons of fun. It's also great that you get to see both ends of the business, from Coterie to a mall store. I'm sure it's also super rewarding to see something you've made on display.

  3. Erin, it sounds like you're getting a really great and valuble expierience. You have always showed a really strong interest in the lifestyle Free People presents and it is great that you are now helping create their image. I bet it's amazing to walk into such big stores and be able to say you created their visual display,

  4. Thanks guys! Working display is amazing! And Adria its so much like Space class, spending time and effort making thing to take them down within a few weeks or so..

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