Seeing the Future

   Each week it becomes increasingly harder for me to find things to blog about.  I am not allowed to disclose ANY information about my company, not even its name!  As I see everyone posting these great pictures of new campaigns and new things they’re doing, I have to come up with a work- related post that isn’t actually talking about my job.  To add to this handicap, I had two days off this week because of the snow which gives me even less to write about (although I am not complaining).
   A week ago, our office had their quarterly trend forecasting meeting. These have by far been my favorite meetings to attend.  Not only is our head stylist a complete diva ( the good kind), but she engages everyone and it is so easy to see how genuinely excited she is about the upcoming collections.  I also think it’s so crazy how they plan for a year in the future; this past collection was for Holiday 2015! After working in the marketing department for four months, I have realized that I am much more interested in the merchandising aspect of things. I do like my job, but I would love to be more up close and personal with the artistic and visual said of fashion.

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