Downs Designs

While reading through Elite Daily, I came across an article “Grandma with no fashion background makes a fashion label.” Intrigued by Karen Bowersox, founder of Downs Designs I looked further into the company.  Having a grand daughter with Down syndrome the family struggled to find clothing that fit her body properly, pants that fit in the waist were always too long. After much research Karen found that there has not been a company that specializes in clothing for this body type.

            After connecting with designer Jillian Jankovsky in 2010, the team developed Downs Designs. With a goal to have clothing that is comfortable, stylish and easy to get on/ fit the body type of a person with Down syndrome, the team focused on the all round fit of the pant in addition to the shorter leg length. Because many people with Downs syndrome also have dexterity issues with items such as buttons and zippers on pants, Downs Designs changed their jeans to only have elastic bands so their customers can feel independent. Upon ordering Down Designs offers a “Try-On Service” which sends two similar sizes to first time users so they can find the perfect fit- Even developing a custom inseam hem for each customer!

            Today Down Designs continues to expand from a jean line, to carrying shorts, capris, and many different styles of shirts, ranging in sizes from children to both men and women. Bowersox age 65, stated in an interview with the Huffington Post,  “While her friends look to retire, she plans to keep working, I don’t go to work, I go to love. Every second is pure joy.”

To find more about the brand you can visit them at their website


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