An ‘Oh Yes’ or ‘Ono’ Moment?!

The media has not stopped buzzing about the widow of the late Beatles Star, John Lennon. Yoko Ono and their son, Sean Lennon were both seen rocking 3-piece menswear ensembles at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards this past Sunday, January 26th, 2014. Whether a positive or negative review, the Mother-Son duo has continued to be a hot topic within the media world in the past 24 hours since the Grammy’s were aired last night. The Grammy’s Red Carpet, always known for the most ridiculous and outlandish outfits, did not cease to amaze me with this years looks!
Sean Ono Lennon (left) and Yoko Ono (right)
In my opinion, if an 80-year old woman of such historical magnitude like Yoko Ono can still walk a red carpet, I would let her wear her pajamas if she so desired. I did indeed appreciate her navy and black 3-piece suit, with a low profile topper hat to add. Her musician and composer Son, Sean Lennon, also topped his long locks with a similar looking hat and spectacles resembling ever so slightly of his late father.
Their presence and support in the front row of this year’s Grammy’s was only partial to the greatness that happened on the stage with the reunion of the remaining two members of The Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Seeing three of the most influential people of American pop culture, sitting, singing, and grooving to the entertainment of this years Grammy performers, was a beautiful moment. I could feel the impact these individuals had on the lives of every person in the Staples Center just from the screams and applause from the audience. That moment gets an ‘Oh Yes’ in my book!


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