Super Bowl vs. Fashion Week

As Fashion Week and the Super Bowl approach both the office and the store have transformed drastically. Our view of Times Square has turned into a Super Bowl celebration zone full of football fans and tourists called “Super Bowl Boulevard” with the perfect view of watching NFL fans go down the humongous snow toboggan. Though the madness of Times Square has gone up more than a notch it’s really cool to be in the center of all the action and experience the craze of the NFL.

However, the experience and craze I was planning to be apart of is also approaching, Fashion Week. The desks in the office have been completely cleared of clutter and filled with family pictures and chic desk supplies. Celebrity stylists and fashion bloggers have been making their way into the showroom to borrow looks for the BCBGMAXAZRIA and Herve Leger shows. There is a giant seating chart taking over the conference room table and the showrooms have been cleared of all clothing racks to make room for the enormous amount of boxes and gift bags that will be taking over the BCBGMAXAZRIA, BCBGENERATION, and Herve Leger showrooms, which I will be assisting with this week. I’m not sure what my job will be the day of the actual show, but I am looking forward to finding out and being apart of all the Fashion Week madness, especially spotting some of my favorite celebs and gawking at all the street chic looks.

The corporate office isn’t the only BCBG place that has changed. The store has completely transformed from an ordinary retail shop to a spectacular store with visual props that enhance our new collection. Each rack is complete with full looks to inspire our customers, while the mannequins are fully decked, standing along side ladders filled with our accessories. There’s even a Valentines Day section with beautiful red and pink dresses dangling from lingerie hangers. The store associated have also kicked up their game, looking extra chic incase some “surprise visitors” like Max and Lubov Azria come in to say a quick hello! 


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