Reasons Why Every D&M Student Should Study Abroad in Prague

The Friendships

All D&M Majors
who studied abroad in Prague
 together this past summer.

I developed lifelong friendships in Prague with other d&m and Westphal students who have always been acquaintances in my classes at Drexel.  If we hadn’t experienced living, learning, and gallivanting in a foreign country together, I am not so sure we would be as close as we have become.  Now that we’re back at Drexel, I have collaborated with other art majors of whom I’ve deepened my relationships with while abroad. I’ve made connections with students from University of New Orleans as well, who have even planned to come visit in the spring.

Spending class viewing Czech
architecture along the Vltava River, 
     The Courses Offered
First of all, the classroom was located right next to the Charles Bridge overlooking the Vltava River, making the commute to the university an enjoyable one. One of the two classes I enrolled in for the summer was an art history course and can tell you that I appreciate art more than I ever have before.  Seeing these works in person is so much better than on a projection screen.  Every day instead of sitting in a classroom, our professor would take us to a museum or gallery in a different part of the city.  We were able to actually see the artwork that we had only been reading about in textbooks prior.  I was also able to take the required photography class in Prague.  I already had intended to capture as many photos as possible, but taking this course taught me to have an eye for beauty in places that one wouldn’t necessarily find it.  Otherwise my pictures would have probably been your average tourist shots.

It’s SO Cheap!
Currency designed by Czech
artist, Alfons Mucha.

In Prague, everyone jokes that the beer is cheaper than water there.  This is true-somewhat. Pilsner Urquell is the best-known Czech beer known as a pivo. The currency used in Czech Republic is called Crowns and you will love it.  Even the TopShop there is less expensive there than it is here in the US.


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