Mac Weldon Silver Launch

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Mac Weldon’s fashion week Silver launch party. Immediately upon receiving the invitation I was panicked with the thought of having to pick out an outfit. I realized black would be my go-to, but what I didn’t realize was that all black was actually ideal. For anyone who knows me, black is not very abundant in my wardrobe; I like color. After talking to some people who insisted that black was my only option, I did a bit of shopping and selected what seemed to be the perfect outfit. Actually, I felt more like an upscale hostess, but sure enough, upon my arrival, I was quick to find that I couldn’t have made a more appropriate wardrobe choice.

The party was in New York City at the Blind Barber, which is actually this really cool little hole-in-the-wall speakeasy behind a barbershop. Most people had trouble finding the entrance and ended up wandering around the block for a bit. I arrived right around what I thought was “fashionably late” but seemed to be still somewhat early as only a few other parties arrived prior.

Sponsored by White Pike Whiskey, the party had a full open bar, Mac Weldon giveaways, and a photographer from Guest of a Guest. It ended up having a great turn out and the place was absolutely packed. The giveaway eventually ran out, which was quite unfortunate as I was really excited to see and feel what exactly was so special about Mac Weldon’s newest line: Silver.

Mac Weldon, a start-up in men’s undergarments, is trying to revolutionize the way men shop for underwear. Technology meets quality in the online retailer for men’s underwear, socks, basic tee’s etc. In the Silver line, pima cotton fabric is infused with silver giving the underwear and shirts anti-microbial and anti-odor properties. With fabric technology that has been tested and proven by NASA, Olympic Athletes, and the US Special Forces, these garments were designed specifically with the on-the-go athlete in mind, so they were intended to be worn for at least two days without washing.

The garments are created with an ultra soft slim fit and are currently almost completely sold out. Apparently, even if you don’t attend the launch party, it’s still difficult to get your hands on Mac Weldon’s newest innovation!

Silver or no silver for me, the party was absolutely lovely! If you didn’t catch on, the Mac Weldon Silver launch was my first fashion event. While I may not be the most talkative person in the world, I did have the pleasure of meeting quite a few fantastic people and overall had a wonderful time. It was a great experience and I’m definitely looking forward to the next opportunity that I have to wear my black outfit!


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