Nicole Miller’s Warrior Fashion Week

Nicole Miller is a fashion designer with a modern, ageless aesthetic. Her silhouettes are artfully draped to achieve a unique body consciousness. Her signature look is feminine, sexy and refined. She is known for elements of surprise and is a New York based designer known globally for her fashion prints and color elite.

Her Fall 2014 collection featured at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City sparked from the inspiration of female warriors, particularly Boudica, queen of the Celtic tribe that took on the Romans, as stated by Nicole Miller herself. It was a compelling theme, taken away by the cool abstract motifs that served as the runway backdrop. 

Miller’s fighter models came down the runway in structured neoprene tops, furry feather skirts, and embroidered patchwork-style. At times, however, she steered off the warrior message, delivering the familiar staples that played to her body conscious customer base. This would include her tidal pleat dresses, ponte dresses, moto jackets, and signature cotton metal material. Throughout the show, she demonstrated a heavy Eighties touch, with Pat Benatar’s “Warrior” playing as the soundtrack.

Her collection succeeded as she took on the strong tough-girl approach this season. Combining fur, leather, velvet, and patchwork, her collection had just the right attitude worthy of a good fight!


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