The Olympics in Style

Whether it’s figure skating, slalom racing or snowboarding down the half pipe, female athletes at this years’ Olympics have found a way to embrace their femininity while taking on the challenge of the Olympic Games. All athletes have a uniform they are required to wear by their country, but their helmets, ski goggles and other accessories are left to the athlete to choose. Most women this year have chosen to wear something that represents themselves, their families or something they hold close to their heart.

In slopestyle skiing the women this year have had a very fun perspective on their Olympics attire. Many women donned neon green, pink and purple ski goggles, while others expressed their personal style in fun and creative ways. For example Katie Summerhayes, as seen to the right, is a skier from England, although that may have been obvious from her Union Jack mouth guard. Everyone had different ways of expressing themselves outside of their boring, fluffy snowsuits. It feels like each Olympics the women find new ways to have fun with their sport.

Figure skating is always a much anticipated part of the Winter Olympics, not just for the triple salchows and the mid air toe touches, but also for the elaborate and exciting costumes. The U.S. women’s team did not disappoint this year with their beautiful, hand stitched costumes. Each costume was beautifully hand embroidered with more glitter than you could possibly imagine. However, each costume had a certain air of sophistication to it that made the young skaters appear older than they were. Regardless, the costumes were gorgeous and helped to tell the story of each skater’s piece.
What is fashion if you can’t have fun with it? Even Olympic fashion can be fun and the women at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia have proved that to us this year. Good luck to all the women and men who still have to compete!


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