Waking up Before the Sun

Waking up before the sun when its 20 something degrees out and I never seem to have time to stop for coffee, is rough. That’s been my life for the past two weeks. I wake up at 5:20AM, get ready and walk to the 4 5 line to get to the Bloomingdales flagship store by 6:30AM. My team and I have been installing Spring display there every morning before the store opens. My job requires a good amount of early mornings,usually for display installations. This current installation has been the most exhausting due to the cold weather and length of the project. 
While the hours are rough, it has been rewarding to see it slowly coming together. The display is basically an infusion of Spring and flowers. It has been nice pretending for a short while that there isn’t snow on the ground and you don’t need multiple layers to brace the outside world. 
All along the walls are troughs of flowers and ivy

There are two sections of hanging flower clusters and lights in the store

The main thing I’ve been tasked with during the installation is the mandala walls. I spend my time up on the ladder hand nailing/stapling/hot-gluing  various fake flowers and leaves into made up shapes and patterns along the columns of the entrances to the space. This is fun and surprisingly relaxing to do, but I have suffered from many hot glue burns and an aching neck.

Each archway into the space has hand created mandalas along it
My favorite of the many I made on the walls

When the store opens and we have to stop working, we head back to the showroom to work on other tasks. This month is really busy with the switching of display and it being the height of trade show season. I have been focusing on creating display for showcasing FP’s new wholesale shoe line. I gave you a peek into that last week when I set up the shoe room at the showroom. This week I’ve been at it again, recreating the display for a trade show in Milan.

Dyeing fabric for wall panels for a trade show

Bloomies display should be complete as of tomorrow and then


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