"Oops…I did it again"

Liberace Quote at the Cosmopolitan 
After a strenuous and educational Fashion Week, I was more than ready to go on a mini vacation to celebrate my 21st birthday in Las Vegas. Or so I thought. As I started to pack for my trip, the thought of missing a week of work was taking over my excitement to see my favorite pop star, Britney Spears, for her show in Vegas. I knew how thrilled my mom was to go on a mini vacation with me so I tried to not let the stress of missing work show. Once we landed in Vegas, stepped out in the 70 degree weather my thoughts of missing work disappeared. My mom couldn’t wait to show me The Strip and the second we settled in we went out to explore all the hotels and casinos. The Wynn was by far my favorite hotel, the lobby was filled with fresh flowers and had the most beautiful floral arrangements hanging from the ceiling outfitted next to a beautiful carousel made solely from flowers. Caesar’s and the Venetian were also must see’s due to their incredible replications of Italian landmarks. I was amazed at the displays and sets that created the environment these casinos had to offer. My mom was impressed at my awareness as I would point at tiny details of product placement or visual elements, but with that, my mind would run back to what I learned while on co-op. Oops…I did it again, my thoughts were drifting back to the fear of missing work. But the Michael Jackson One by Cirque du soleil show quickly brought me back to reality and from there on I enjoyed every part of Vegas and spending time with my mom. My favorite part of the trip was by far seeing Britney Spears’ Piece of Me show; it felt so good to let lose, dress up, and scream and shout to my favorite singer. I felt that my co-op experience helped me better appreciate the things Vegas had to offer, such as the gimmicky hotels, the Liberace quotes, and the spectacular costumes and shows.
Floral Carousel at The Wynn  

Britney Spears at Piece of Me
Before co-op I wouldn’t have had a care in the world about taking a vacation, and to Vegas of all places, but since working I have realized how much I have grown and matured. It’s amazing to me that at 21 years old I can say I worked full time at a fashion house for a sufficient amount of time where I have learned way more than I bargained for. Although I am starting to miss class and my spending time with my sorority sisters in Philadelphia all I can think about is how can I continue working while in class. Working at BCBGMAXAZRIA and living in New York City has given me the confidence to explore new places, create new and strong relationships, while also helping me form lifelong goals and mold my future. I am so grateful I got the chance to visit Las Vegas, see my favorite Pop Star, and spend time with my mom, but I am also so thankful to be back in New York and to get back to work!

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