In Her Bag: Winter Edition

One of my favorite sections to run in The Triangle is a feature called “In Her/His Bag,” where we unpack a student’s bag and have them talk about what they have inside. As the primary photographer for the Style section, I like it because I enjoy piecing everything together like a puzzle for the photos, but it also gives us a revealing look into what that person considers their most essential items. Maybe this is just a reflection of how our consumer culture has become such a prominent part of our day-to-day lives, or maybe I’m just nosey. Here, I’ve emptied my bag to show you my own work-day essentials.

Madewell Sloan Satchel: Some people are shoe people, some are bag people, but I wouldn’t consider myself to be either. I have three or four bags that I rotate based on occasion, with one for everyday, a larger tote for school, and smaller bags for going out. After completely destroying several of my everyday purses, I realized how important it was to invest in quality items, especially when it’s something being used every day. This is my second Madewell leather bag and I’m absolutely in love. I’ll also note that all of these items were a bit of a tight squeeze…I couldn’t close the zipper!

Urban Outfitters Wallet: I bought this wallet on sale about a year ago after I broke the zipper on my previous one. I love the floral motif and sometimes, when I’m in a rush or only have to go a short distance, I’ll carry it alone. It never fails to receive a compliment or two. I also like wallets that don’t fold or crush my dollar bills.

Madewell Teddy Loafers: On this particular day last week, I was trudging through a lot of slush and puddles, so wearing my wellies to work was essential. I knew I wouldn’t want to stomp around the office in rain boots all day so I stuffed these flats into my bag.

Asos Cable Knit Beanie: Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t own a winter hat. I know that sounds maddening, and you’re probably shouting “Courtney, no wonder you’re always freezing!” But I’ll let you know I have a pair of earmuffs that I used on the daily. I’ve recently succumbed to the beanie trend and it’s actually a million times warmer, which should come as no surprise. The things I’ll do to protect my hair…

Moleskine Weekly Planner: I’m not sure what it is about Moleskine notebooks, but they’re my favorites. Maybe it’s their luxurious leather covers, fun colors or interior pockets. I splurged a bit on this one but it’s essential in order for me to stay on top of my myriad of obligations: class, work, the newspaper, D&M Magazine, shifts at my part-time job, when to go grocery shopping, etc. If I don’t pencil in time to sleep, I probably won’t do it.

Micron Pen: I love a good inky pen. Nothing is more satisfying than a nice, dark inky pen line.

1GB USB Drive: Anything less just wouldn’t do, and at any given moment I’ll have half-a dozen working layouts for the magazine and photos for the newspaper stored on this guy.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: This is a year-round necessity for me, but it’s especially helpful in the bitter midst of winter.

Hair Ties/Bobby Pins: When I finally get home at the end of the day, I often find myself running back and forth to either clean up the mess I made that morning or making dinner. The last thing I want is hair in my face or hair in my food, so I always have something on hand. You also never know when you’ll be caught in some bad weather, so I also consider this my Bad Hair Day Emergency Kit.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & Klipsch Headphones: Would you believe me if I told you this was my first smartphone? It was a gift for my birthday last spring, and I was so reluctant to switch because I pay for my own phone bill. Now that I’ve owned an Android I know I could never go back to a device without a mobile network. Welcome to the 21st century, self. These Klipsch earbuds are also noise-cancelling and are lifesavers whether I’m commuting on the bus or on the subway.

Make sure you check out the next issue of the Style Section for a new In Her Bag feature!


One comment

  1. Courtney, your posts always inspire me. I love that you included an “In Her Bag” feature on our blog, lightening the load so to speak of the work intensive posts. I myself love a good inky pen, and Burt's Bees chapstick! My favorite is the pomegranate, I always keep it in my bag. I was surprised at how neat you are, I can barely find what is in my bag. I would be embarrassed to even attempt to lay mine out after seeing how organized you are! It inspired me to start my spring cleaning and rid myself of the extra baggage I am lugging around.

    P.s. I can see why you are the photographer for the magazine, your photos always look lovely!

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