Your New Favorite TV Show, Kitten.

If you haven’t watched an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and view an episode.  Seriously. You are missing out on one of the greatest reality television shows on at the moment.

Monday, February 24 is the beginning of a brand new season of the cult-favorite show.  Season 6 is going to be bigger and better than any that have come before it.  14 new queens, more fabulous guest judges, and ever crazier challenges.  Not to mention, as a D&M major, the show is a major dose of DIY fashion and couture realness that will inspire you to perk up your own wardrobe.

Here’s your crash course in Drag Race Herstory, hunty:

The premise of the show is to win and become “America’s Next Drag Superstar” – a title that RuPaul Charles claims (and will keep forever).  14 drag queens compete in mini and main challenges to win immunity, fabulous clothing/jewelry prizes, and basically eternal glory.  Along with the title, the winning queen comes away with $100,000 and a lifetime supply of cosmetics from a specific brand. Constant judges include Michelle Visage, former girl-group member, and Santino Rice, a runner-up in Project Runway.  Rumored guest judges this season include Khloe Kardashian and Adam Lambert, as well as many more (sometimes up to 3 per episode).  You also can’t forget The Pit Crew – hunky men (usually only clad in underwear) that come in to hand out props and offer the queens cocktails.  On the whole, it’s about 45 minutes of sheer diva glamour.  After the episode, a short feature called Untucked is shown, which shows the queens backstage throwing shade (making fun/dissing) and telling the T (the truth, darling) about whatever is on their mind.  Many times, episodes end in tears or fights – many queens have emotional back stories or big egos/personalities.  However, by the end of a season, there are 14 sisters instead of strangers.

So the final word: tune to LOGO on your television on Mondays at 9pm for 1.5 hours of self-love and a high dose of diva. Then, come find me and kiki (gossip) about the drama on the latest episode.


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