Bring the Entertainment and Check Out LNS Philly!

Are you ever looking for something to do on a Thursday night? Or maybe you want to see a live show but you do not want to pay? Check out Late Night Series Philly here at Drexel—every Thursday in the Flux (the basement of the Intercultural building) from 8:30 pm to 11 pm!

Last Thursday was my first time attending the open mic night. There was a stage on the left wall of the basement with amplifiers, microphones, and speakers. A couple rows of chairs were lined up right in front of the stage and plenty of tables with chairs for more seating. To my surprise, the place was pretty much full when I arrived!

A single man, Post Midnight, who welcomes the group of attendees and performers, hosts the whole show. His humor and mockery of random current events gives the place a feeling of comfort and just plain fun! Midnight introduced every individual or group by first sharing some ridiculous occurrence that just happened in the news in the last week in order to break up the acts.

The talent up on stage impressed me. The night consisted of several different singers with their guitars, a beat boxer, a female rapper, a male rapper, and even comedians. The audience reacted so kindly and graciously toward the performers! These young adults have talent and they aren’t afraid to show it! LNSprovides them with a place to display their abilities without ridicule or shame.

There is even a feature every Thursday!  The featured band was Temple Riot when I attended. The group is a trio that consists of a female singer, a bassist/keyboardist/harmonica player, and a lead guitarist. The band’s sound is a blend of blues, country, and rock—which if you like any of those genres, you would enjoy Temple Riot! The lead singer, Kelley, has a very strong and powerful voice—similar to someone like Kelly Clarkson or Miranda Lambert—that blew me away!

Their set was about 7 songs long, which was a change of pace than the previous performers who were five minutes each. Temple Riot’s lead guitarist played an acoustic guitar and the bassist played an electric bass. During some songs he played the harmonica, and others he played the keyboard. The group has an array of talent in each member and the variety of songs they played included a self-written song by the lead guitarist, Will, called “Will’s Song,” covers from Creedence Clearwater Revival—“I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” and even “No Rain” by Blind Melon.

It was a great show and really made me regret never having gone before! The Drexel community has incredibly talented individuals that have a perfect outlet to display their abilities: LNS. Check it out! You might end up enjoying it more than you would think!

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