Old Faces in New Places

Since moving to New York, I have not been able to reconnect with my fellow colleagues from Drexel. As my work hours start to mellow down I have been trying to see my old friends as much as possible before they all head back to Philadelphia. Prior to coming to New York, my friends and I would share our excitement about finally moving into the city of our dreams. We would discuss all of the things we would do together, restaurants we would try, bars we would frequent, the list goes on and on. However, it really surprised us all how little time we have had since starting a full time job. Each of our lives have become so busy that meeting up is nearly impossible. Thankfully, these past two weeks have been dedicated to my old friends. Seeing them again reminds me of their importance in my life. As cheesy as that sounds, you realize how much someone means to you when they are gone for a period of time. Reconnecting makes me even more excited to head back to school. Although I will still be living in New York and commuting three days a week, having classes with my best friends again is going to be amazing!

I spent this beautiful day walking around the Upper East and West side with Ana, another Design and Merchandising student. It is incredible how much happiness 60 degrees brings to your day! We took advantage of the sunshine and lounged around Central Park, enjoying the lovely scenery. You realize how much peace nature brings when you have been sucked into city life.  This was surprisingly my first time hanging out in Central Park. It truly feels like an island away from the city, the perfect getaway. I am looking forward to taking advantage of Central Park more this spring. It is going to be my go to spot to do homework and clear my head.
I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekends and took advantage of this gorgeous day!

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  1. Jaclyn! It was SO fun seeing you last weekend and I know what you mean, it is so scary how caught up we get in our lives and how easy it is to lose touch with someone. Seeing you, Allegra, and Justin last weekend made me SO excited to go back to school and back to acting like kids! I can't believe our time in NYC is so close to an end and we only saw each other once, hopefully when we're back in class we'll be able to spend more time together and actually frequent all the bars and restaurants we talked about. Enjoy your last week of co-op! Xoxo

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