Reality TV and QVC

Well it’s been a week in the working world. My first “real” job. A “real” person, as I like to call myself now.

My name is Monica O’Hara. I am a sophomore at Drexel and I just started my first co-op at QVC. I work in the Public Relations department. I grew up in West Chester, PA which is ironically where QVC headquarters is. I live at home and commute a whole FIVE minutes to work (a lengthy ten with traffic).

When I was offered an interview at QVC, I was over the hill. I learned everything about the company to prepare for the interview; where they were located, their sales stats, who was the CEO, their core values, anything I could get my hands on. I confidently thought I knew everything going into the interview. Low and behold, my first question: What was my favorite QVC brand? I had no clue. Out of all the research and preparation for my interview, I had totally forgot to look at the brands they carried. I had never even seen the show. I thought I was done for when I heard that question. “Honestly, I have never seen the show. I know you have celebrity lines such as the Kardashians and Heidi Klum.” And the only reason I knew this: reality TV. Yes, I am a reality TV junkie.

I finished the interview with confidence and an ongoing pray I could recover. Right when the interview was over, I speed home (I would say I was home in 2 minutes flat). Ran to my laptop and started researching QVC brands. I emailed the three women I had interviewed with all personalized emails and different QVC brands I admired.

I pulled through and was offered the job.


My first day at QVC I saw Joan Rivers. Now I can exaggerate and say we met, but I really just saw the top of her head. Through a window. On a different floor. Regardless, I still saw her and it was pretty cool. I knew this would be a great premonition of the exciting opportunities before me. Once I was acquainted with my cubicle, (which did not take very long) I started to get a feel of how the PR department works. More importantly, I started to realize how many people it takes to make one single job happen.  My first week alone I encountered strict deadlines, photo shoots, missing products, and met some really amazing people. Working at QVC is going to be an amazing experience for me and I am truly excited about the weeks that are ahead of me. My main goal over the next six months is to really learn as much as possible about anything and everything I encounter. And hopefully to learn QVC brands that do not involve reality TV.

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