A Beautiful Balance

Hello readers and fellow bloggers!
My name is Josie Quaile and I am a junior in the D&M program.  I am from the South Jersey area, which is just about thirty minutes over the bridge.  I am a student athlete at Drexel as I am a member of the Varsity Women’s Lacrosse team.  Some of my blog posts will include the balance that is required to be a student on Co-Op as well as an in-season athlete.  Spring is the main season for women’s lacrosse and right now we are in the most important stretch of our schedule.  Currently, we are competing in conference games and are looking to make our way into playoffs and championships within the next month.  With that said, my Co-Op schedule is a little different than other students’.  My Co-Op has been generous in working with my schedule and we are able to closely cooperate to coordinate a temporary system that is appropriate for the time commitment I am obligated to keep.  Once lacrosse is over, I will be working longer shifts and I will take on more responsibility at my Co-Op.
Moving on, I am sure you are wondering where I am working.  I am working in the Nicole Miller store at the Bellevue in Center City.  I am the Assistant to the Manager and take on some daily store operations as well as some ongoing projects within the store.  The NM store in the Bellevue, as well that the NM store in Manayunk, are privately owned by Mary K. Dougherty of MKD&Associates.  For this reason, the Bellevue and Manyunk locations work together a lot and have great communication.  I am also pleased to say that there are multiple Drexel D&M students throughout the Nicole Miller Philadelphia offices and stores and I am always happy to see some of my classmates!
To get to work, I take the Market-Frankfort Line.  Drexel’s campus has great access to the subway so I am able to hop on right at Market Street and get off at City Hall.  It’s just a short walk from City Hall to the Bellevue and the walk is becoming enjoyable as the weather continues to improve!
I am really looking forward to my next six months at Nicole Miller.  I have already learned a lot during my training days as well as my first few official days on Co-Op.  I am also excited to understand more of what goes into running this type of business as well as take on more responsibility as I define my role on the NM team.
Please check the blog weekly to follow my journey and others as we become more acquainted with our Co-Ops!

– Josie
A beautiful Nicole Miller bridal gown I was able model on the 19th floor of the Bellevue!
(Photo Credit: Redfield Photography http://www.redfieldproofs.com)

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