Million-Dollar Bra Vs. The Crown Jewels

Taylor Swift performing at last year’s show.
Did we miss a hint?

It’s official! On April 15, 2014, some secret news dropped around the world. The show of all shows is leaving America. That’s right, the Angles are packing ship and headed across the Atlantic Ocean. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is leaving New York for only the second time since it’s start in 1995.  
On a Tuesday morning in London, Victoria’s Secret held a confidential event at their New Bond Street Store. The store was so heavily guarded that viewers could only image who was inside. Of course it was non other than two of the hottest ladies we know, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel. Ed Razek, VS chief marketing officer, joined the sexy duo.
Angles:Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima 
Looking fiercer than any of us could even attempt, the Angels were excited to be there and seemed rather giddy. Lima announced the move; the sexiest night of the year will heat up London.
This is not the first time the company has thought about a British Invasion. VS has been planning to excite London since 1998 when they first opened there. The news raised multiple questions during the conference. One hot topic being Cara Delevingne, would the British beauty be returning to the glitter runway?
There are so many things to think about! Who will be on the quest list and who will perform? William and Kate might not want to share a steamy night with the rest of the world, but I’m sure Prince Harry wouldn’t mind. Will The Spice Girls make all of our dreams come true? The possibilities are endless.
Will the million-dollar bra give the Crown Jewels a run for their money? I think so!


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