She’s Baaaaaack

Vanity Fair Magazine has long been honored for its’ influential covers and ability to mix politics, pop culture and fashion. This month they made a risky and potentially politically fueled move by giving Monica Lewinsky the center spread in their magazine. She is featured in an article entitled “Shame and Survival” in which she recounts her affair with former President Clinton and where she retells her side of the story. The article came as a shock to many who have long since forgotten about the 1996 affair, but the article may have come at just the right time.
As we all have seen and heard the 2016 presidential elections seem to be just around the corner, and with elections this close there are bound to be speculations about who will be representing each political party in the race for the White House. It seems that as of right now Hilary Clinton may be the front runner for the Democratic party, which is why this article is so perfectly timed. The article recalls the shame that the scandal brought to the Clinton family and especially Hilary. However, she stayed by her cheating husband and supported him throughout the entire scandal and the repercussions which led to President Clinton’s impeachment.
So you may be wondering why digging up the skeletons in the Clinton’s closet would be beneficial for Hilary. With so many rumors flying around about the elections the Clinton’s want to have total control over one thing, their public image. The Lewinsky Scandal was obviously a hugely detrimental event in their past and by talking about it, they are able to show that they have risen above events that have happened in their past and are ready to start looking towards the future. There is also speculation that the article may gain some sympathy votes for Hilary who stuck by Bill event after he humiliated her so publicly. Whether the article was planned or not, it’s getting the voters thinking about the upcoming election and preparing for the long race to the White House in 2016.

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