Fall Buying Frenzy

Hello everyone!

This past week at Nicole Miller was mostly about buying for me. When I first began at the Center City location, I was asked what part of the business I am most interested in.  After giving it a little bit of thought, I said that I was leaning more toward the buying side of it all.  Reason being, I am pretty good with numbers, I enjoy being organized and planning and I am interested in learning more about the behind the scenes work that goes into running a retail location.  This week, I found myself working closely with buying documents and spreadsheets as Nicole Miller at the Bellevue continues to prepare for the upcoming Fall season.  I learned a lot about how the managers and owner make their decisions on what to buy, about how to place orders with vendors and about how to organize different deliveries throughout the season.  I worked directly on purchase orders and was able to ask a lot of questions throughout the process.  I also was in the store when we received a large shipment of jewelry.  It gave me an opportunity to see how the merchandise goes from the buying meeting, to the purchase order, to shipment and then on to the sales floor.  Overall, I felt like I got a better idea of what buying is but I do realize that there still is a huge amount of material that I have not experienced.  I am looking forward to the next several weeks as I get into a lot of cool projects before my co-op ends!

PS – Don’t forget about the Nicole Miller Semi-Annual SALE that begins on July 15th!
Thanks for reading!

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