Afternoon Tea in London

After being in London for two months I realized that I never tried having afternoon tea.  As a result, I decided to go to afternoon tea at the Kensington Palace near my flat.  I sometimes overlook how fortunate I am to be living across the street to Hyde Park and only a block away from the Kensington Palace. The place where my friends and I got tea was called the Orangery. On our way there, we passed by a beautiful garden with a fountain. The Orangery was very glamorous, and the tea set up was very beautiful. The tea at the Orangery was very spectacular; I got the blueberry earl grey tea. However, although the set up for the meal was gorgeous, the sandwiches were very mediocre. The bread was stale and it tasted like the sandwiches have been sitting out for a while. Overall it was a lovely experience, and it was a good place to have afternoon tea for the first time.

Recently I had afternoon tea again. This time my friend took me to a local teashop called the The Muffin Man. It is a very small and cute teashop, nowhere as glamorous as the Orangery. The servers were also not the most friendly; however, the quality of the tea and food was exceptional. Although the set up was not as nice as the Orangery, the taste of the tea and food made up for it. I would recommend anyone to visit the Orangery for a royal experience, but to also try local teashops for quality tea and food.

Kensington Palace: The Orangery


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