One of my regrets about studying aboard is not traveling as much as I could have.  Although classes and homework were stressful when studying aboard, I should have planned more short weekend trips. One of the places I had always wanted to visit was Barcelona, therefore my friend and I planned a three day trip during our week off.
When we arrived to Barcelona we first explored a local high street. Even though it was nothing out of the ordinary, I really enjoyed simply walking through the street and looking at all the locals. I stepped into a cute beauty supply store and got a gel manicure for only seven Euros, I was very content.  My friend and I figured out how to use the subway and it was actually very easy to navigate and became the most convenient and economical way travel around Barcelona.
On our first day we explored Las Ramblas. There were a lot of retail stores and we followed the path and walked all the way to the end where the harbor was. On the way there I took a picture with a human statue and it was very entertaining. We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant by the water, and I ordered tapas and paella. We were able to see the sunset and it was a beautiful sight. It was the perfect first night in Barcelona.
The next day we visited two of Gaudi’s famous architectures: Casa Batllo and La Sagrada Familia. The curvilinear structures were very amazing. I had seen these places on television and in books but seeing it in person was just breathtaking.


On our last day we started our day off with fish pedicures. I had always wanted to try it and I decided to do it since there was a place right near our hotel. It was so frightened when I first placed my feet in the tank, I did not like the feeling of the fishes on my toes. However, after twenty minutes, I became more relaxed and the experience became quite enjoyable.

Later that day we explored another one of Gaudi’s famous designs: Park Guell. The view of Barcelona from Park Guell was amazing, and the architecture was just astonishing. We ended our last night by having at late dinner at Las Tapas Locas at  Port Olympic. It was the most amazing dinner and it was the perfect way of ending my trip. I fell I love with Barcelona and I am sure I will return one day. I wish I was less concerned about saving money while I was in London and took more advantage of traveling while I was in Europe. My advise to anyone is to not worry too much about saving money, because spending the money is worth the unforgettable, life changing experience.  

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